Casper & Gambini's - Lagos Restaurant Review
Sun 13 Mar 2016 by Sisi Yemmie

I love the feel, the decor was very contemporary and quite rustic. A lot of blacks and wooden surfaces, plus I loved that it was well lit! Well lit spaces are perfect for taking great photos! They had tables outside for those who enjoy the outdoors but Nigeria is HOT and NO ELECTRICITY so I have no business eating outdoors, Air Condition please!

As for hospitality I would say it was the average, we kept having to remind the waiters to take our order. We noticed other tables had the complimentary platter of bread and we didn't so I requested for it-apparently they forgot to give us. Imagine if I didn't know it was complimentary?

When my food arrived, it came in a chipped plate, I don't eat with chipped plates in my house, so why should I eat with chipped plates here when I'm paying so much?

What we Had

BBQ Wings - N2100 - It was fried chicken wings coated with a delicious sauce. It was so good that I forgot to find out what it was coated with exactly but by tasting it, I can say it was barbecue sauce and some honey, it also had a slight tangy taste i liked.

Crunchy Seafood Basket - N3900 - It was about 5 fried and coated big prawns with some calamari, with a slice of lime. I enjoyed it a lot.

Chicken Guacamole Burger - N3800 - Grilled Chicken breast topped with melted cheddar, caramelised onion and red pepper, lettuce, tomato, lime cilantro and guacamole, served with french fries. Bobo had this and for the first time ever couldn't finish a burger! Maybe because we already had the BBW Wings and seafood basket.

Chicken Quesadilla - N3700 - Grilled chilli chicken breast strips, three cheese blend, roasted peppers, mushroom and coriander tomato sauce melted in grilled tortillas, served with sour cream, guacamole, and tomato salsa and french fries. This was my main and I liked it a lot, I got it because I saw the photo on the menu-it was just calling my name...Eat me, Eat me!

Banoffee Pie - N1300 - Crunchy biscuit base covered with a thick layer of toffee and slices of fresh caramelised banana topped with fluffy banana cream. Hmmm....I'm not much of a desert person and I only tasted this. I wouldn't buy it again.

This place is not cheap, and definitely not for everyday unless you are well loaded. When I saw the bill the first time I gulped and I felt a bit sad because this is easily someone's salary oh and we know how hard the times are in Nigeria. However, I decided this was a treat so... let's indulge a bit. We had starters, main and dessert. This is not typically how we eat. If we had stuck to just mains it would have cost a lot less.

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