Nigerian food and weight gain or loss
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For most Nigerians, eating is a pleasurable experience and you really can’t blame anyone for wanting to eat more than required. The way our foods are organically grown and cooked is guaranteed to give anyone a form of exhilarating pleasure. By piling up tasty meals dense in calories and flavor to nourish the body, the inner mechanism of the human body responds to this in different ways hence the classification below. Here's a reasonable analogy that best explains the reason why. When it comes to food, there are three types of people or better still 3 body types you’re bound to come across in Nigeria. These body types best explain why some people pack on weight easily while some find it very hard to put on a few pounds; Those that gain weight by eating very little, those that cannot gain weight even if they eat a whole elephant and those that are simply in between both extremes. So if you’ve been beating yourself up over not gaining enough or gaining too much weight, this is for you.

The Ectomorphs: (Broom, Bones, Lekpa, Toothpick )

If you’ve been called at least one of the above names, you might actually fall under the ectomorph category. And no, this isn’t your fault but part of your biological make up. Ectomorphs tend to either eat a lot of food or eat little because they get filled up quicker and this usually results in little or no weight gain. Due to the biological make up of people in this category, they tend to burn calories really fast even when they do little or no physical work. This is usually due to having a high basal metabolic rate (high metabolism)

Dieting tips to gain weight

The required daily intake for the normal functioning of the body is between 2000 (for women) - 2500 (for men) calories per day. To gain body mass as an ectomorph, you'd need about approximately this amount to see results. This means you have to eat the right healthy meals with excellent nutrition.

Forget about eating three square meals a day. Make that number five square meals a day. You can do this by dividing your meals into prepacked portion sizes so you don't skip a meal.

If you can't eat large meals all at once, break the meals into portions. Your hand knotted into a fist is one portion size.

Eat calorie packed healthy meals.

Calorie dense foods i.e Nuts(groundnut (try peanut butter), almond, walnuts) , Soya milk, Full creme milk, Chicken/ beef/ fish, cheese, Full creme yogurt, Eggs, Sweet / Irish Potatoes, Avocados, Leafy vegetables (Ugu, Green, Shoko, Spinach), Brown Rice (abakiliki, ofada), Olive Oil should be a good start.

The Endomorphs: (Orobo, Bull dozer, Puff puff, Fatty )

If you’ve been called at least one of the names listed above, you might actually fall under the endomorph category. People in this category tend to either eat alot or even little but find it difficult to burn off excess calories. This is because they have a low basal metabolic rate (low metabolism) than everybody else in the pack, so their bodies cannot burn fat effectively..

Tips to lose weight

If you want to lose weight you have to burn at least 3500 k/cal per week. This is about 1 pound of fat per week because 3500k/cal = 1 lb. Whatever you do, your meal intake should be less than 2000 calories. you need to burn off about 500 to 1,000 calories more than you consume per day or between 3,500 and 7,000 calories per week.

Don't skip meals. Eat 3 square meals a day but reduce the portion size of meals you take. Your hand knotted into a fist is one portion serving.

Eat whole grains rich in fiber, drink lots of water, take lots of vegetables. Meals like these are bound to make you feel full quickly while giving your body the nutrients it needs to function properly.

Foods such as oats, leafy vegetables (moringa, ugu, spinach, green), fruits, fish should make up 70% of your diet while carbohydrates should be about 30% of your diet.

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