Accra Food Festival 2016
Mon 19 Sep 2016 by Afrolems

A Facebook ad popped up a few months ago notifying me about a food festival that was going to happen in Accra. The food blogger in me got excited and I clicked to find out more information. After a short supposedly convincing conversation with my mum, we decided to book our tickets in preparation for this lovely weekend in September.

My mum had visited Accra previously and I hadn’t so I had a blank canvas to paint my impressions of Accra. She decided to brief me about the city and it’s nuances and what to expect. I have to say, her description did not do Accra justice at all. Either I have been in chaotic Lagos too long or Accra decided to be peaceful this weekend. From immigration to the streets of Accra, things seemed a bit more organized than I expected.

I still saw hawkers and experienced the usual traffic as compared to Lagos but there was something a little more peaceful about my transit from the airport to the house I was staying in. It was not as noisy, cars were not honking as much, the malls were not as rowdy, majority of the people were polite. Something about the ambience of the city felt different. Our first night was spent at Phillipos Tilapia thanks to our lovely host, Mrs Funmi. We had some delicious Banku and Peppered Tilapia. We hear that Phillipos Tilapia is quite popular in the city so whenever you are in Accra, be sure to visit.

Day 2 came along and my mum and I got dressed, sun-screen protected and hopped in our ride to the Accra Food Festival at the Accra Polo Club. Chale! that sun was from another world. We quickly ducked under the nearest shade and bought some moringa iced tea (peppermint flavor) from the Minga foods crew. I have to say that was super refreshing. We ventured into the rest of the festival when the sun gave us a little break. We saw vendors carrying distinct chopping boards, kitchen appliances, skin care products etc.

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